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To my neighbors mint candies PLZ READ!

[Post New]by emiddleton on Oct 24, 13 12:00 PM
To all of my wonderful neighbors, you have all been so generous with the mint candies, that I now have all of my holiday pumpkins plus a few extra. Thank you!!!

Since I already have what I need of them, I am now more in the need of what is in my wish list especially energy rocks.

I would also like to know who of my neighbors still need mint candy, so I can gift some to you. If you still need them plz send me a message to the game so I can make sure you get some from me. You can also let me know if I can send you wish list items instead.

Thanks again for the generosity!!!!!

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Re:To my neighbors mint candies PLZ READ!

[Post New]by zitronenfalter12 on Oct 24, 13 12:06 PM
Hey emi Please add yourself to the existing list

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