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Collecting H, S, & O elements in flask

[Post New]by KimK27 on Oct 24, 13 1:56 PM
Maybe I'm just not understanding the instructions for this mini-game. The chemical formula on the tag is H2SO3 and it looks like there are colors that match up with each element. But it doesn't look like I'm supposed to collect 2 H, then 1 S, and 3 O and do that 5 times (the instructions say to collect 5 sets). When I've done this, I just get a wisp of smoke and the flask if empty. Waiting for all of them to come together in the right combination and grab them at the same time seems like it would take forever and a day to get even 1 set.
Ideas? This game has been a lot of fun up to this point, with some interesting new mini-games. Stuck now.

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Re:Collecting H, S, & O elements in flask

[Post New]by SeverineSnape on Oct 27, 13 10:45 PM
You only need to combine one of each element. Just forget about the chemical structure and wait until a blue bubble, a red bubble and a green bubble touch.

You get the wisps of smoke when you collect the wrong element, meaning you have to start again.

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Re:Collecting H, S, & O elements in flask

[Post New]by Kathilisa on Nov 8, 13 7:36 AM
That's right. If you hover your cursor over the bubbles, when a red, green and blue one all light up!

Just click on one of the lit-up/enlarged bubbles, and the whole group of 3 will disappear and make liquid to go in the flask.

If only 2, or more then 3 light up...don't click. If you "make" the wrong molecule, there will be a wisp of smoke, the flask will empty and you have to start again.

This game (?) takes a few minutes to complete, but if you are patient the bubbles will eventually move together in the right combinations.

(It's not the same as the molecule game in Flux Family Secrets - The Time Ripple, if you ever played that game. In fact it's easier.)

Hope this helps

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