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Trainz Trouble

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Oct 25, 13 12:29 AM
Can you keep the wheels in motion as trains speed to their various destinations? Plan the route, change the junctions, time the stops, and avoid the all sounds so simple!

*** CAUTION: "Infuriatingly Addictive Gameplay Ahead!" ***

Loads of puzzles to solve, suitable for all ages. New levels provide new challenges and new gameplay features. Stuck? No problem. View the solution and use speed controls to make things easier if you need a helping hand.

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Re:Trainz Trouble

[Post New]by mhatfie on Oct 25, 13 8:13 AM
What a cute and frustratingly fun game. Takes a couple of tries to get it right and keep trains and cars from not crashing into one another. Nice that you can see the solution if you get stuck. You can also lower or increase the speed of the trains to make it easier or harder. More and more obstacles come your way as you progress into the game. I have a couple of pccs to spend so its a buy for me. Nice change from Hogs. Try it you might like it.

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Re:Trainz Trouble

[Post New]by fenn01 on Oct 25, 13 4:00 PM
really sorry, I don't often comment, but I feel the need more and more nowadays.

This game is maybe 20 years old [certainly in execution;]
Rubbish graphics,

Quite often BFG have a soft option. which is normally good. not here

I can only assume that someone's 4 year old was in the office that day and 'pooped' this travesty.

Also BFG

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Re:Trainz Trouble

[Post New]by schubert2 on Nov 30, 13 10:33 AM
Wow, I thought this was a very good puzzle game. Many of the boards have very clever designs.

I thought the controls were very responsive; lower the game speed if your having trouble.

I also thought the graphics were quite good. Be sure to set the graphics to fantastic mode and the screen resolution to the highest setting your computer can handle and still fill the screen completely. Experiment with the settings to get the best results.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game.

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