nevertales the beauty within

[Post New]by tarrenjane on Oct 25, 13 6:09 PM
Cannot figure out the order the book go in ( The ones with the symbols)

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Re:nevertales the beauty within

[Post New]by orphaned on Oct 25, 13 10:48 PM
this is a real sneaky one and will try my best to explain as simply as possible.

note the square symbol on right, on shelf - piece of paper.
one of the books has this symbol on its spine AND nothing on the front cover.
put this book under the square.
you will be going from right to left like reading Hebrew.
next book will have square on front cover but a different symbol on the spine.
the symbol on spine becomes the symbol on front cover for next ... and so on.

neat, huh!!

hope this helps!!

happy gaming enjoy your weekend and the rest of this magnificent game!!

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