Insect gears

[Post New]by Nailsbyy on Oct 27, 13 7:26 PM
I only found 2 of the 3 insect gears. Any suggestions? I've gone through to were I was supposed to find them but haven't been able to find the third one...

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Re:Insect gears

[Post New]by NanaReefer on Nov 17, 13 11:36 PM
I'm stuck as I've only got 2 also! Help please!!

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Re:Insect gears

[Post New]by Miri08 on Jul 27, 14 10:00 AM
Me too!! I've seen other posts about this same problem but have yet to see if there is a fix for it. This should have been fixed by now otherwise Big Fish are failing their customers badly!:/


Re:Insect gears

[Post New]by peglet65 on Sep 15, 14 4:32 PM
Did you ever figure out the third bug? I'm there to and can't find it either. I have read the walkthrough several times to no avail.

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