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Magnifying glass

[Post New]by flaxin on Oct 29, 13 8:07 AM
I'm stuck where the magnifying glass and the alligator clips are. I can't seem to do anything there yet it keeps telling me to go there. It's the room to the right of where the staff is
. Anyone know what I'm supposed to do?

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Re:Magnifying glass

[Post New]by hkdonbigfish on Oct 29, 13 11:57 AM
When you have all the beads go to magnifying glass. You have to engrave the beads there.

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Re:Magnifying glass

[Post New]by jlcteacher on Oct 30, 13 4:06 AM
I think I have all of the beads, but the hint keeps telling me to go there and when I try to put anything on the table it says I don't have everything I need. What else does it want?

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