Chapter 34!

[Post New]by RowanGolightly on Oct 30, 13 11:26 PM
SO frustrating! I swear I want to shoot those thieves or at least muzzle their horrid laughter.

I think it's a flaw in the game; whichever worker is sent to unlock the eagle never comes back. I finally figured out that one had to build the pier TWICE to get 2 workers there to unlock the Eagle but one of the NEVER COMES BACK, no matter what you do.

This means that one worker remaining has to try to do all the work, avoiding the doggoned thieves which cost $5 each time. There is no way I can see to have enough money to afford seed, to plant everything, water everything and not run out of time, even with hitting the speed shack refills.

I have played this level several dozen times and it's really ruining the game for me.

Is there any way to get the second worker back from the island where the Eagle monument is? Is this a flaw with the game or am I just not doing something right?

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Re:Chapter 34!

[Post New]by BlueStarFish on Oct 31, 13 8:58 AM
No, this is a known bug, a lot of players have reported this in the tech. thread.

I had the same problem, and what I did was, as you said, make certain to have two workers, and I did the statue last.
I had no problems then.

Edit to clarify that the worker would still get stuck, but it wouldn't matter since I did the statue last. Because that was the last task and the level was finished.

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Re:Chapter 34!

[Post New]by whtevr on Dec 4, 13 8:14 AM
Not only does the worker not come back off of the island, but I do not have any thieves in this level and, therefore, can never finish! Anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions?

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