Level 4 - Salty Creek

[Post New]by inkslaive on Mar 10, 09 11:33 PM
I cannot seem to get the Sea Scout King back to Salty Creek in one piece. I encounter bad guy after bad guy and all I succeed in doing is getting everyone killed and everything destroyed. I can't even build/train any merboys or trident guys. Any suggestions would be oh so great! Thanks

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Re:Level 4 - Salty Creek

[Post New]by peutetre on Mar 28, 09 5:55 AM
First thing is to not move the Scout King until you've cleared out the whole area of bad guys. Leave him by the fort, set up your camp with a ton o' tridents, then venture out to clear out areas, rebuilding as you go. If you need more help, let me know and I'll post more detail.


Re:Level 4 - Salty Creek

[Post New]by inkslaive on Mar 30, 09 11:52 PM
Thanks so much! I will give that a try.


Re:Level 4 - Salty Creek

[Post New]by fishbarragio on Aug 23, 11 2:02 AM
When I was a 7 year-old, that was my worst level ever! But now I'm 11 and this is my best level!

The way I did:

First, make two groups: 3 Trident Rangers and 2 Merboys on the North, 2 Trident Rangers and 3 Merboys on the Southwest. Let the sea gnomes build hamlets till maximum population. (No space? Build some at the southern middle!) Make over 10 gnomes for mining and 3 for harvesting bubbles. Then let the Scout King destroy a crystal for his punching practice and put 3 Trident Rangers, 3 Merboys and 2 Sea Priestess for defence on the north and west of your camp, on each direction. It's pretty easy about the buildings- Just put some on the left of your fort.

Make a third group with 8 Trident Rangers and 4 merboys or whatever and attack the north. Let them finish all the evil units there and attack the Sea Imp Queen and die. Do another group like that and attack the southwest, but first, let the trident rangers take out the skull outlooks. Then let the group kill all evil units and attack the Sea Imp Queen and die. Then send 12 trident rangers to lure the sea imp queen (one from any direction) to your defending army (on guard in that direction) and let them kill the Sea Imp Queen. Same to the next one. Now for the escorting:

Just bring all your Sea Priestess together with the Scout King and if there's an ambush, all the priestess will heal him and just send all your merboys (if you consider them useless except to stall enemies like I do) to attack the ambushers. (I face some ambushes. I don't know why.) Easy about escorting after killing all enemies.

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