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Easter Eggs in Bonus chapter

[Post New]by sadies_dad on Nov 1, 13 2:52 PM
When playing the bonus chapter, clicking on the egg icon in the lower right-hand corner (next to the Hint) the screen shows (as I recall) 12 eggs to be found. I haven't found a single one, and I played the bonus chapter twice. I easily found all 40 in the main game. Question - are there any eggs in the bonus chapter?

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Re:Easter Eggs in Bonus chapter

[Post New]by orphaned on Nov 8, 13 10:57 AM
have a funeral to attend otherwise would check for you BUT go into previous pages of this forum.

positive this has been answered already!

am a little distracted at moment so if still no joy in getting an answer - will check in later.

see cannot play bonus chapter on this page!!! answer there!!!

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