Level 5 Germany

[Post New]by philinthegap on Nov 5, 13 5:36 AM

Does anyone know how to get three stars on this level? The solution only manages to get two and so far I haven't been able to figure out how to get three stars.

Many thanks


Re:Level 5 Germany

[Post New]by mbob58 on Dec 26, 13 7:40 PM
Red train to right store,as soon as you get to zero barrels,GO. direct it next to the stoplight track.In the meantime,runaway train goes in circles by the left and middle stores.After 3rd time runaway train passes the left store,have it turn left,passing the right store,direct it to the stoplight track,but don't stop.Have red train pick up all the barrels at the left, and then the right store.Be quick with the switch,runaway train is aproaching fast. 21 track switches,22 is good for only 2 stars.

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