Stuck at the Power Station

[Post New]by Myhoney4ever on Nov 9, 13 9:43 AM
Please help ..... this is frustrating! I cannot move forward after missing 3 of the gold pieces for the top of the box. I can go back to is the electrical panel so I am able to turn the power off and on .... Otherwise I seem to be totally stuck. Any suggestions?

Is the only way to move ahead by starting from scratch?

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Re:Stuck at the Power Station

[Post New]by FriarJnr on Jan 30, 14 2:57 PM
I have exactly the same bug and have looked through the web. A lot of people seem to have this issue with Big Fish not offering any suggestions/advice/solution or fix. With the game saves you can't even go back to 'undo' the bug. Very frustrating, puts me off getting any more of their games.

Some feedback from their Technical Support would be nice since we've paid for the game :-(

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