stuck on josette's book

[Post New]by CELTIC77 on Nov 10, 13 4:19 PM
I am stuck in this area. the hint keeps referring me to the text but nothing happens wen I click there.
a picture of a young girl flowers in upper left enamel rose at bottom


Re:stuck on josette's book

[Post New]by blueeyedgirl1301 on Nov 11, 13 3:21 AM
The hint button must be glitching. There are lots of pictures, photos, and pages throughout the game, but there's nothing you need to do with any of them. The only important one is a piece of paper with directions through a maze.

Either the hint button is just pointing you there because it's glitching or there's nothing else in the scene... OR perhaps there's an item to pick up next to or under the picture when you close out the close up. Just scroll around to see if the magnifying glass turns into a hand anywhere in the scene or closeup. If not, then it's just a glitch, because there/s nothing to do with any of the photos in the game except to look at them and read them for a backstory.

Hope this helps!!


Re:stuck on josette's book

[Post New]by Mariannababy on Nov 11, 13 6:45 AM
Maybe the hint is pointing the chess behind the skeleton.
Have you got the chess?

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