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Reviews For Royal Defense Ancient Menace!

[Post New]by bfgDeveron on Nov 13, 13 9:24 AM
What do you think of Royal Defense Ancient Menace? We’d love to hear all about it! You can share your review here in the reviews thread, and on our website as well. Just pop over to the Royal Defense Ancient Menace page HERE.

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Re:Reviews For Royal Defense Ancient Menace!

[Post New]by bfgDeveron on Nov 13, 13 9:25 AM
I also wanted to add that this thread has been reserved for reviews only.

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Re:Reviews For Royal Defense Ancient Menace!

[Post New]by ScandalousEscort on Nov 18, 13 8:51 PM
Wow, this thread is emptier than a windsock on a calm day! I've been lurking BF for years, so I suppose it's high time I contribute.

To review: I started of demoing Royal Defense Ancient Menace! because though I love the genre, I wanted to be sure it was both playable and enjoyable. I bought it an hour later and found myself heavily addicted to it for the following four days. The graphics are good. nice and clear on a wide screen. I found the sound effects to be good and the music never annoyed me at all.

The play is immersive. The most important aspect to me is to be able to manipulate the pause/play/fast forward buttons on the bottom left side of the screen. Without the ability to manipulate "Pause" before level start or in midst of an attack, defense would not be viable. Remember, you can build during pause.

I began in the easiest setting, and played gaining my 'three shield' expert rating until the Shaman appeared on Level 8. I then started replaying on the normal and hard settings to gain crystals. Crystals are so very important. With them you can purchase the valuable grounds in the levels (and buying one in Easy means you also have access to it on the same level in Hard or Normal, and vice-versa); you use crystals to upgrade your starting cash and monster $ drops; to upgrade your weapons damage/cost/range; to upgrade your tower for more life; and, finally to upgrade your spell damage and cool-down time.

That first day I simply lost track of time, I must've played for thirteen hours or so. I had no idea that so much time had gone by. And IMHO, THAT is the sign of a pretty darn good game. A this moment in time, I've beaten everything on every level in both worlds except for the very last... (actually I came here looking for ideas on the very last level because it's a doosie!

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Re:Reviews For Royal Defense Ancient Menace!

[Post New]by Janette5 on Nov 19, 13 2:38 AM
I have now finished this game and managed to get a 3 star / perfect on every level on every difficulty setting and would like to compliment the programmers / developers for an excellent game.

This game has kept me entertained for hours, it is all about strategy. Using the right weapons or mix of weapons. Upgrading the right weapons, placing them right, using the spells at the right time. Try, and try again but try something different. This game is such a breath of fresh air in contrast with those games that you simply get gold by clicking your fingers off or doing things in a certain order. And it was the right kind of difficulty - you can get 3 stars on each level it's doable, but probably not the first time you try.

I fully regret that tower defense games are not more popular at Big Fish because this game is not getting the recognition it deserves.

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Re:Reviews For Royal Defense Ancient Menace!

[Post New]by Yaelle on Dec 4, 13 2:02 AM
Yay! I stumbled upon this game by accident and I had a strong feeling that, as long as this one is as good as its predecessors that I'd be buying it.
I just played about half of the one hour demo & I bought it.

This game is a great mental workout & the satisfaction reached when you figure out what to do & how is sweet! Royal Defense games can also be very challenging - but in a good way. If you get frustrated, come check out these forums for help because chances are, there are 10 or 20 other people who either have the same question as you or have already typed up hints & info for whatever it is you are trying to get past.

Great value game so far. I have not finished it, of course but unless Ancient Menace drastically differs from the other RD games then I'd say you really get a good deal for your dollar.

Six month later edit:
I picked this game up again today and as others here mentioned, its very easy to lose track of time when playing this enjoyable game.
As other ALSO mentioned, there's simply no way of finding what few TD games are sold on this site. I am not asking for anyone to care, I'm just mentioning this cuz it feels like such a darn shame but as of a couple of days ago, I ended my years long relationship with Big Fish precisely because I'd been looking around the web & I have found that the offerings here are a mere 10% of what I've been craving all these years. And I've always known that, itsjust that I didn't realize that so much of what I wanted was able to be gotten elsewhere.
Games like THIS for instance. Its a great game - people who love it love it - yet here, its treated like a redheaded stepchild. Why is that??
Why is there incredibly skewed attitude toward one type of game only? So odd.

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Re:Reviews For Royal Defense Ancient Menace!

[Post New]by ElizabethR1533 on Jan 5, 14 8:28 AM
I LOVE this game, and am quite addicted to it! It's VERY hard at times, and frustrating, and later on in the game, I've had to retry the levels several times. It's very fast and furious at times, and the pause button is very useful. (For any tips, I am going to post this separately).

This game really makes you think, as various monsters can only be destroyed by certain weapons. This can be frustrating as it doesn't always tell you which.

Weapons and spells can be upgraded with the pink diamonds.
You can go back and replay levels to gain more diamonds.
Lots of replay ability

V Hard, even towards the end of the "easy" level

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Re:Reviews For Royal Defense Ancient Menace!

[Post New]by Chi3165 on Jan 24, 14 1:08 PM
I'm glad people enjoy this game. And for those of you wo do, good luck and have fun. I don't normally play this genre, but there are a very few that I do like and play.

That being said, for a "newbie" to this type of game, the tutorial is laughable. I received one screen about building a gun, then another about pausing. Then nothing at all - absoutely nothing - about what to do. I did discover I could turn the gun by pressing on the mouse. That was it -

Needless to say, I would not recommend this game unless one is very familiar with what to at least begin to do. Do not count on a tutorial.

For what I would believe is the majority of people, I'd have to give this a thumbs down.

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