how to get past the first game in Valuable Papers

[Post New]by kay1256 on Nov 13, 13 12:15 PM
I am thru the game with two stars in the 6 different stages. I am now going back to try to get three stars to finish the game. The problem is is with the very first game and you remove the 6 golden tiles and earn 500 points and 3000 points. I have received the 500 points and always remove the 6 tiles but the 3000 points don't even come close. To me it seems like there are not even enough tiles in it to earn 3000 points plus the tiles come down the exact same way every time, even if you shuffle the tiles. Does anyone have any suggestions or is it I am not finishing the game fast enough. I have played it say many times and I think the highest I ever got was 2030 or something close to that. I just cannot reach that 3000. Thanx. If anyone has any help let me know.

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