Stuck on Level 61 - "Trap the Genie" (Please HELP!)

[Post New]by Cherie_Dion on Nov 14, 13 2:16 AM
Hi! - I sure hope someone can help me since I'm totally STUCK on Level 61 'Trap The Genie' (since June 28th) and haven't been able to continue playing my game since Summer!

Has anyone else *not* been able to TRAP the darn little GENIE??!
I feel there aren't enough lamps in order to trap the genie and he/she's too fast for me.

** Is there a *trick* to solving Level 61-- or a very simple answer??
** Is there a way to SKIP this level altogether? If so, how??

Please help - since my fins got too tired clicking on those magic lamps without any success.

Thanks in advance to any fishy who can answer my questions!

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