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Statistics: Civilation Level 1970 of 2000

[Post New]by patnsky on Nov 14, 13 5:40 AM
Love, Love, Love this game. This is the 12 - 13 time of playing All My Gods. Always before, when the gods said I had completed the game, I have said ok and started a new game. This time I decided to try to get to level 2000.

I have built every building, decorations, etc available. I went to the awards page and checked the requirements ... I have received a check mark in every box listed. I still can not reach the 2000 requirement. Stuck at 1970. How on earth can I get those final 30 points????

LOL, I even sat here reading a book and let the game run. Checked every once in a while to see if I needed to repair a building or to put out a fire. I have completed all the school requirements ... I have built enough barns so ,my recourses are well over 600 for each item.

I frankly do not know what do now. Any advise out there???


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