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amulet of dreams

[Post New]by toltrider on Nov 14, 13 8:46 PM
The Strategy Guide says to get the Amulet of Dreams from the boy to use on the newsboy. The boy with the amulet has disappeared behind the doors guarded by the two monsters. I must not have gotten the amulet from the boy so cannot advance to the next step of entering the portal. What do I do?

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Re:amulet of dreams

[Post New]by SeverineSnape on Nov 15, 13 3:00 AM
You got the amulet of dreams right at the start of the game, before you went into the coachman's dream. After that it stays in the bottom left corner of your window. Whenever there's a dream you need to enter, the amulet will start spinning and you can pick it up and use it on the dream.

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