the lighter

[Post New]by swanara on Nov 16, 13 1:57 AM
Really enjoying game but having real trouble with the lighter. I have all the bits but can't move any of them. Also the butane bottle hasn't spilt any of its fluid (in my version) so unable to see how to proceed. please help me someone.


Re:the lighter

[Post New]by Roamed on Mar 2, 14 1:20 AM
I have just purchased the same game and have the same problem. We're you able to resolve it


Re:the lighter

[Post New]by WinoKitty on May 3, 14 2:22 PM
Was there ever any resolution? I'm having the same problem. All the parts are on the ledge, but nothing can be moved. I pressed skip and the pieces got assembled, but I can't address lighter to my inventory nor is it automatically added.

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