Collecting the map

[Post New]by Cirfish on Nov 16, 13 12:28 PM
I have played the game for more than an hour without any map pieces showing up. It won't let me do anything until the map is done.

Is there something I need to do so map pieces show up (I've got half the pieces but can't see any more to collect)? I've done everything there is to do - earned tech points so that practically every worker is a scientist, grown everything and had to sell everything to keep my storage empty, etc. nothing is happening so I can finish the map. HELP!!

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Re:Collecting the map

[Post New]by AdrianaIP on Jan 21, 14 8:07 PM
I too I am stuck there, and it is BORING!!!!!

Also I cannot find the last 3 pieces of the collection.

I am of a mind to stop wasting my time and disinstall it. At this moment I do not care how it ends.


Re:Collecting the map

[Post New]by ChaosBalance on May 18, 14 3:54 AM
I've found that completing the collection prevents the map from showing up. Also, building more structures blocks the map 'spawn points' AKA too many buildings stops the map from showing up completely

I'm not sure when it stars showing up, or what triggers it.

However, 1 out of 5 games (starting new, with a completely new profile) has the map start to spawn when you have either opened the collection screen via collecting one, and/or having the potato bed.

In a 3 hour period of continuous play, with ignoring the collectables except for the rings cause they are a right royal pain to see, I found three map pieces.

When I played for five hours (in the same game save) I missed the fifth piece of the map and the map stopped spawning.

Thus, I have learned that if you don't get a map piece after you have collected ONE or TWO treasures (IE the rings for me) by the time you get the potato bed task, and if you miss even a SINGLE piece of the map, then you won't be able to finish it.

That is just my observation.

I want to find out the exact triggers for the map pieces and where they will show up, but as I find them in different orders each time, it is hard if you just play the game.

So I leave it up to those who write the FAQ's and the Walkthroughs to find out.

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