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Not enough conveyors?

[Post New]by Erinna1112 on Nov 16, 13 5:08 PM
Are there always enough conveyors to make the whole path, or do you have to sometimes take some from the beginning and put them at the end?

Also, how on EARTH do you deal with the enemy robots? I'm at the first level (still playing the hour demo) that has the enemies and I can't get past them. It's making me nuts!


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Re:Not enough conveyors?

[Post New]by Janette5 on Nov 29, 13 8:04 AM
So far I've always had enough conveyors, but sometimes you have to find the shortest route.

Spoiler Alert - how to handle the enemies:

Box them in - put them in a place like a corner and put two conveyors around them each side so that they can't push them. Then build the rest of the field. Once the field is built you may need those conveyors but by then you have enough time to just pick them up and put them out of your way when they walk up to a conveyor.

You can also put them on the conveyors - keeps them busy until the first corner where they fall off. If you place them before an assembler they get trashed but be warned they pop up out of the floor again once they reach the end.

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