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The police

[Post New]by ezputt on Nov 16, 13 5:40 PM
Why are we opening the door to policemen then go and play an HO while they are standing there? Great that the devs. dressed policemen in Canadian attire.

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Re:The police

[Post New]by Tiger2010 on Nov 22, 13 2:13 AM
ROFL, Ezputt

As I'm in the UK I hadn't noticed they are wearing Canadian uniforms in Boston.

But, you know, it's amusing seeing these quirks in games - some others are games set in Britain but you have an American school bus driving on the right; or a game set in the States that has a British red phone box and a German letterbox. I'm sure some devs do it for laughs.

It certainly gets the laughs from me. I find this as much fun as finding collectibles and doing the achievements.

Loving the game, though.

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Re:The police

[Post New]by tookat on Nov 24, 13 5:45 AM
Lol.....When I first started playing these casual adventure games I often commented on incongruities asking if anyone else was bothered by them.

someone told me I would drive myself batty if I didn't just accept that the game "universe" was totally illogical.....
but then, you get into the wink, wink nudge, nudge fun of "isn't this rather silly?"

My absolute favorite game kludge is using fireflies to light lanterns up!
When I was a kid, we had already given up trying to catch enough fireflies to do that by the time we were 9.....and realized our big brothers and sisters had assigned us another impossible task.

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