Level 42 help!!!

[Post New]by michthompson on Nov 16, 13 8:42 PM
Hi, No matter how many ways I try it, I just can't get enough gold to finish this in time - actually I've run out of time 3 times already and I'm getting really frustrated Every time I get enough gold one of those root things appears and takes the gold or it covers my buildings and that takes gold, therefore no time left to finish the level. I don't even care about 3 stars, I just want to get through the level to move on. Can anyone help me please???????

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Re:Level 42 help!!!

[Post New]by ddeebabe on Nov 17, 13 7:49 AM
ditto. I have the same problem


Re:Level 42 help!!!

[Post New]by CatskillHiker on Nov 18, 13 4:36 AM
Keep at it! I beat it after about 4 tries. Freeze time every chance you get. Be sure NOT to sacrifice 2 gold to destroy a root to get 2 gold!


Re:Level 42 help!!!

[Post New]by fishbreath24 on Nov 18, 13 7:47 AM
What finally worked for me was ignoring the lower passage to the right. There's a bridge at the back of the top level that I hadn't noticed earlier. It takes your works to the second gold mine much more quickly, because they don't have to go down the stairs and up the ladder. Also, I used only the freeze time bonus, as often as possible. Good luck!

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