otherworld.Shades of fall collectors edition

[Post New]by roseycow01 on Nov 17, 13 5:30 AM
can anybody help ; in the lab, I,m supposed to have 3 bones for the turtles
remedy , the bone I havent got is the one on desk, by the selkie book , and the flower
I didnt pick it up in the beginning and now i can see it but when i go to pick it up,
it goes to a close up of the book pages and the bone is out of view so i cant get it .
cant make the remedy for the turtle till i do. anyone got any suggestions
cant stand the thought of starting allover again


Re:otherworld.Shades of fall collectors edition

[Post New]by phdstudent on Mar 2, 14 10:56 PM
this isn't the bone - you can't pick that up. I was confused by that as well. the other bone is somewhere else - sorry I can't remember where, but check through your guide to find it.

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