changing the voice acting?

[Post New]by theimortal1974 on Nov 17, 13 9:49 PM
i played dire grove when it first came out in 2009 and i remember how eerie the "i am the (fisherman warrior farmer...) when you solve the puzzle on the things on their chests. especially the last one when the girl is in so much distress from seeing her friends all turn one by one and then she is frozen as well that she practically yells out i am the farmer, louder with each repetition.

i know with 100% certainty that she sounded like that. but tonight i was watching a play-through of the game on youtube. the guy got to that scene and she very calmly said the mantra over and over again. not even close to what i remember. and i am VERY VERY SURE that she yelled that mantra out while the others were more calm. like i said before i didn't think anything of it since she had the most trauma of all the others.

did they go and redo some of the voice acting? maybe people were disturbed by a woman in distress screaming out like that. if so that is really stupid.

the only difference between his playthrough and mine is i played on the collectors edition and he's playing the standard edition. perhaps they got feedback between the release of the collectors edition and the standard and made that change. but that is really really stupid and affects the dramatic tone of finding her and knowing you weren't able to save her even though she was fine when you first entered dire grove unlike the others.

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