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[Post New]by heatherington on Nov 18, 13 7:33 AM
Puppet Life is a new game developer. We have not had any hidden object games by this developer before, according to my records anyway. They have done a pretty good job. I have not turned off the music. Even though the overall landscape is cartoonish at least the hidden object scenes are real. I don't like spiders either and I was a little shocked at some of the language, but if the developers read our comments in here they can pick up some tips for their next game. I used a coupon to get this one. I think it is worth a buy. Because there is no SG we have to actually use our noggins on this one. I like it. There are enough clues to keep you going and I found the hint button to be most helpful when I couldn't figure out where the crossroads were. There are plenty of places to explore. I wonder if I will ever get into my hotel room? Anyway, good job for first game. If you need a language interpreter, here I am!

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Re:Comments, when a review just won't do

[Post New]by genkicoll on Nov 18, 13 1:41 PM
Puppet Life isn't a new developer, though I think this is their first game with HOS.

The also did:
Between the Worlds
Between the Worlds II:The Pyramid
Between the Worlds III: The Heart of the World
Chronoclasm Chronicles
Kingdom of Seven Seals

I just started Kingdom of Seven Seals, and haven't tried Grimville, yet.

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Re:Comments, when a review just won't do

[Post New]by AussieMoo on Nov 19, 13 9:25 PM
Just finished the trial & I am loving it. It is akin to City of Fools in that you have to interact & talk to people. I like to read so that works for me. I like that it's something a little different, a little quirky & a little bit different from the usual games we've had recently. There are still HOG scenes, too, & some very different puzzles. Seeing as am at home sick at the moment it's a great time to wander on through Grimville.

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Re:Comments, when a review just won't do

[Post New]by Anukis36 on Dec 6, 13 9:15 AM
I liked it. I turned the music down and listened to other things so I can't comment on that but I for one INFINITELY prefer no voices to...well...bad acting. I hasten to add many are fine Big Fish just that some of them are better supplied from my head. I really enjoyed that the developers tried to have a reason for the running around, I mean, no purse in a strange town, bit thin but along side of detecting it was enough for me. All the great games make some sense of why you are running around looking through piles etc. I really wanted to know where I would finish up and was knotted up over the choices. I plan to play again doing the opposite to see what is different.

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