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Can someone PLEASE explain what each gun does? I have the first one and never really got a good explanation the first time around either. Please!

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[Post New]by Janette5 on Nov 19, 13 2:29 AM
Dart Towers - the cheapest and first weapon you get. Short multiple shots that don't do a lot of damage but can shoot walking and flying enemies. It upgrades to a green or pink tower. The green tower will bring the enemy to a standstill for a short while. The pink tower will just slow them down. The green and pink don't work on certain enemies but are vital for the flying enemies.

Cannon Towers - this is the most versatile, but it cannot shoot flying enemies until it's final upgrade. On the final upgrade choose between one powerful shot - that charges slowly - or short very quick less powerful shots. So on a level with monsters you need a powerful shot - on a level with lots of enemies - you need the quick shots. You can mix and match and play around.

Artillery Towers - the red ones. They shoot a group of enemies but only walking enemies. Upgrade to two levels - the one shoots out fire and sets the ground alight, the other is a powerful and long distance rocket that will damage an entire group of enemies. These are the only weapons that can take out a specific monster you'll encounter during the game - large green thing.

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[Post New]by Yaelle on May 30, 14 4:04 AM
That's an interesting thing about this series - as fun as the games are (most of em) they do a very, very (veryyyy) poor job of explaining anything about whats going on.
Fun, though. I believe that there was one in the Royal Defense series that was a big flop but what can you do?

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