Mystery Valley Level 20

[Post New]by ScandalousEscort on Nov 18, 13 10:28 PM
Was wondering if anyone else has beaten this game. I've managed to expert it under all settings and in both worlds except for this level. It's simply one very long wave.

The geography of the place is awful. I've got everything that can be upgraded upgraded. I can hold out okay for maybe the first quarter or so, pausing now and then to build/upgrade and move items. I made it through once with like 5 stars out of 50 remaining -- and that was on EASY. Right now I'm replaying levels to collect crystals, because you can buy towers/upgrades with them. However, that won't do me any good if I can't come up with a viable placement plan for weapons.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Re:Mystery Valley Level 20

[Post New]by Janette5 on Nov 19, 13 2:21 AM

The trick is to place as many weapons as possible - fill all the available slots. Then to upgrade them as the game carries on and be quick. Upgrade the closest cannon towers the fastest so they can shoot down the flying enemies. You need at least two artillery towers, no more than two dart towers (furthest right and then bottom right) and the rest cannon towers. Place the artillery towers in the middle.

Place a cannon on the hill and upgrade it to a single shot not a multiple shot because it has extra power on that hill and will cover the entire field.

If you want 3 stars then you need to use your spells.

You don't really need any spare crystals on the level.


Re:Mystery Valley Level 20

[Post New]by ScandalousEscort on Nov 19, 13 2:03 PM
Thank you so much, Janette5! I finally 3 starred it on Easy, it still wasn't too easy though...

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Re:Mystery Valley Level 20

[Post New]by pkw509 on Nov 19, 13 6:07 PM
Yay Janette5! Thank you. I too have all stars on all skill levels except this one. Just beat it using your advice. Love these tower games, wish BG would post more.

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