Last part of game

[Post New]by BAndidoTAz654 on Nov 19, 13 5:36 PM
I am at the end of the game, and I need the 3 of diamonds. The walkthrough/cheats say to hit the Ctrl/F keys at the same time and type in the card you are looking for and it will tell you where to find it...RIGHT!

I have been all over the game from beginning to end looking, but to no avail.

Has anyone out there got to that point and know where to find this lost card????


Re:Last part of game

[Post New]by ttrosch on Jul 8, 14 9:39 AM
It is in the hallway in the mansion that has three doors. There is statue of a man in Armor. To the right of him is a sword thing which is where the card is. Move the cursor around to get the magnifying glass symbol.
Took me forever to find it, too.

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