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UPDATED version now available - November 20, 2013

[Post New]by bfgDeveron on Nov 20, 13 10:32 AM
Hello Everyone!

I have great news for you! A new update for Nevertales: The Beauty Within Collector's Edition is now available for both Mac and PC, as of November 20, 2013. The update includes a fix for two potential issues. One order of operations issue involving using the chisel on the whetstone before using the blunt shears, and one involving the orbs disappearing from the inventory..

This is a critical update, so should show up automatically in your Big Fish Games app. Just click to install the update.

If that's not showing up, just follow these steps:

1) Open your Games app and make sure you're signed into the correct account.
2) Click on the 'Options' cog on the top right-hand side of your screen
3) Go to the 'Downloads' tab
4) Under 'Game Updates' select 'Manually'
5) Click 'Check For Updates'
6) Follow the prompts to download the new update.

If you have a Mac computer, this update may not show up in your app, if this is the case, please uninstall and reinstall your game to ensure that you have the latest version. For help with that, just click on the blue text below:

Uninstall/Reinstall a Game

If you run into any issues after installing that update, please get in touch with our Tech Support Team so our Reps can look into those right away.

Thanks for your patience everyone!


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