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Dark Canvas: Blood and Stone

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Nov 24, 13 12:29 AM
Who used the encasing device in the grisly murder of the Sculptor and his bride? What loathsome secrets are hiding behind the high walls of elegant, Grecian estates? Explore a beautiful and romantic Greek village by the sea, as you use your investigative reporting skills to track down a desperate, haunted killer – before they kill again!

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Re:Dark Canvas: Blood and Stone

[Post New]by roaming on Nov 24, 13 4:09 AM

This is a straightforward HOPA with a murder mystery setting, but there's nothing that is dark or ominous.

There are three levels of difficulty, and a choice of cursors.

Some of the HOS are chained objects where one object is needed to obtain the next. The mini-games are the standard ones and appeared to be easy to solve, although I skipped them simply because I always skip puzzles and mini-games.

There is a map, which is interactive. However, I discovered the game to be quite linear, and therefore, even though the map may show an area has a task to be performed, it will not open that area until you have performed a task in another area that comes first.

Hints are active in and out of the HOS.

The artwork is bright and open and quite attractive. The music is pleasant and unobtrusive.

Dialogue can be skipped.

Good game for someone new to HOPAs, or when you want something relaxing and not too difficult. I liked it, but I probably wouldn't pay full price for it or use up a coupon.

I recommend it.

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