Is this download faulty??

[Post New]by MrsT30 on Mar 12, 09 12:34 PM
When this game was first released, I downloaded it immediately. The game wouldn't play and I couldn't get past the intro screens. I could hear sound, and had the little fork cursor, but the screen was blank. I tried again a few times but hit the same problem.

I have recently updated my video card drivers after being given advice by Big Fish Tech support and so tried again today to download this game.

This time, it did download and I even managed to play a few levels however the graphics keep disappearing and the length of time to wait between levels is far too long. I only managed to get to day three and it took 45 mins?

Does anyone else have any ideas about what could be creating this. Apart from anything else, I kinda enjoyed the first three days and would probably buy this if I could get it fixed.

Many Thanks


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