game says no more moves but does not refresh

[Post New]by okshanny on Nov 24, 13 11:03 AM
I have played this game for weeks and have not gotten past the 3rd chapter of the story. It locks up after it says "no more moves" and only the color boxes are left with no way to return to play to finish the game. No icons show on any squares so it is just a blank board. I agree with the other reports that the game has many "bugs" and needs to be fixed in order for it to be fun to play. I think this game is filled with the spirit of Scrooge, not Christmas cheer!!


Re:game says no more moves but does not refresh

[Post New]by Terbeary on Jan 16, 14 1:18 PM
I too am finding the same thing. I made it to level 3-11 with 3 lives left only to find "No Moves Left" with no way around it. Very frustrating. This has happened twice now, but I was down to my last life the first time. I am not thrilled about beginning again to have the same thing happen. Any advice out there?

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