3 orange dots

[Post New]by carter747 on Nov 24, 13 8:12 PM
Hi there On the Fame board, I can see the various layouts to choose from and the ones I've played have 2-3 yellow stars filled in. On some of these, under the stars are 3 orange dots. Does anyone know what they represent? Looked through the forum and help to no avail...it's kinda driving me crazy. I wanna know!


Re:3 orange dots

[Post New]by Carolynn77 on Feb 23, 14 9:57 AM
As far as I can tell, the dots say when you left that game, it was unfinished. I've gotten them, then cautiously returned to the "level," to find only a partial game (I had to leave for some reason); I finished the partial game and when I looked at the board of levels, the dots were gone. Hope that helps (and is correct).

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