Getting Dynamite

[Post New]by beccaboodle05 on Nov 24, 13 11:42 PM
I need to get dynamite for the quest 'Investing the Mining Camp Across the River' I have the store built and everything, but for some reason the dynamite is still locked. What should I do?

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Re: Getting Dynamite

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Apr 11, 14 8:29 PM
What's "and everything"?

Have you completed the quest that the game sends you off on to get your "dynamite license"? If not, it should come up soon.

Have you purchased the Dynamite Upgrade? (It costs you 15 XP and 75 Gold through the Store button near the top of the screen. It's on the 2nd page of "Upgrades".)

Have you put somebody to work at the general store so they can reach behind the counter and hand over the dynamite?

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