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Clearing erroneous entries--help, anyone?

[Post New]by Lilac43 on Nov 25, 13 7:48 AM
A couple of problems
1. On the bottom of some puzzles (like the 16-square Sudoku), the little notepad with the numbers and CLEAR is cut off at the bottom of the window, so you can't access the CLEAR option. I've tried all sorts of re-sizing tricks, to no avail. I especially like how the "music" control buttons (really? why isn't this in an "Options" menu like most games?!) block the notepad down in the far right corner. Any suggestions, anyone? My OCD won't let me just click the "New Game" key and call it good. Thanks in advance.

2. I have completed a puzzle and it all appears correct (various Sudoku and Kakuro), but the game won't call it solved. If I click on the "Solve" button, it doesn't appear to do numbers change and it still doesn't register as "solved." This occurs when I reopen a partially solved puzzle that I had saved.

3. When solving a larger puzzle and realizing you've made an error, it is sometimes better to just erase all entries and start over. This game doesn't provide a "Clear All" option, which would be a GREAT time saver.

These technical glitches are frustrating to me because the puzzles otherwise appear to be good quality and challenging. I really don't want to kill a forest by printing these out and working on paper.

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