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[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Nov 26, 13 7:12 AM
Unexceptional Mahjong Game


The game looks nice enough from the beginning, but it is nothing spectacular. There is no real feeling of being extraterrestrial. And of course they were covered by the board anyway, and there is only one new background per level. The music is likewise nice, not stunning, and eastern meditative rather than exotic. It also got boring and irritating quite quickly.

There is not even a hint of a story.

The game plays as most modern mahjong games do. There are 7 gameplay styles including:

• Mahjong
• Logical Pairs
• Klondike Solitaire
• Add to the right number

and 3 others I don’t have names for.

I found the ‘logical pairs’ were not all that logical actually. The game progresses with points awarded for each (replayable) level, high scores and trophies.

You must play a total of 14 boards (2 x 7 types) before you can unlock the next level. You have hint, shuffle, undo, button, along with the no. of matches, no. of tiles. Each board can be trashed and replaced at any time, and you can replay them immediately or at a later time.

All standard mahjong stuff. I see nothing compelling with this one. But if you’ve grown bored with your other mahjong games...

I recommend this game!

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Re:Reviews for Space Mahjong

[Post New]by bfgDeveron on Nov 26, 13 8:05 AM
Thanks for getting this started JustTheFacts

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Re:Reviews for Space Mahjong

[Post New]by bfgDeveron on Nov 26, 13 8:09 AM
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Re:Reviews for Space Mahjong

[Post New]by jessespooky on Jul 22, 14 6:07 PM
Played the demo. Thoughts are the same as JusttheFacts. Good for enough for casual play or replay. Like the idea of the buttons for shuffling, etc., for those times I am not in a hardcore play mode. The couple/four or so sets I played were fairly easy set ups. Graphics on tiles easy to recognize. I would say this is a good game for Mahjong newbies or someone just wanting to while away a little time and not get a lot of brain or eye strain. Might buy later with a coupon.

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Re:Reviews for Space Mahjong

[Post New]by dollyflower on Jan 3, 15 7:51 PM
Beautiful music, imaginative puzzles and great artwork!!

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