Game has become cumbersome - finally quitting after years of play

[Post New]by BF2013 on Nov 30, 13 10:42 AM
I've been playing this game every single day for years. It's been my comfortable routine. But today will be my last day. I'm quitting for two main reasons:

1) The 'gotcha ' button. There's no reason that the option to purchase 5 more cards for $2000 can't be somewhere else, but Big Fish refuses to listen to feedback about it. Having this button in place of the 'end game' means I now get paranoid towards the end of my deck. I can't play as fast as I'd prefer, the timed holes become scary, and it's anything but relaxing.

2) The high cost of clubs $750, combined with the gopher $1000 means that it's harder to get ahead organically. We now have to rely on big windfalls of cash rather than any kind of strategy.

After 4 (?) years of playing, I'm finally deleting this fom my iPad with a sour taste in my mouth. A fun game has become greedy and mean. I'm over it.

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