challenge number one

[Post New]by puppycookie on Nov 30, 13 11:34 PM
Having trouble with this one. Any tips?

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Re:challenge number one

[Post New]by trish999 on Dec 1, 13 12:01 PM
At the end of this level, I had 2 chalets, 2 cabins and one tent. Two of these need gardens. You will have to tear down your factory and greenhouse before the end of the level to get your eco goals.You need 3 fruit trees and 1 playground to reach the goals. Build your greenhouse as soon as you can to be able to get all of the fruit trees. I got gold level but it took a few tries. Good luck and I hope this helps a little.


Re:challenge number one

[Post New]by alliefish on Feb 4, 14 4:18 PM
Whew! I finally, finally finished this with gold. I followed trish999's advice but still wasn't getting there - missing by just a bit. So I modified, and did the following:

Build chalet
Repair mine
Dig treasure
Hire worker
Clear Debris
Hire Worker
Send 4 to the mine
Clear debris
Build greenhouse and factory
Make 200 supplies (this gives you enough to build chalet #2)
Upgrade greenhouse
Build chalet 2
Upgrade factory
Make supplies and seeds, concentrating on supplies. You want to get to 2000 supplies to build the playground
Add workers as you're able - you need 10 total
Build the playground and man continuously
Get another 2000 supplies and build the bridge (remember to be growing seeds - as you get 2000 build the fruit trees)
Once the bridge is built, build a tent with a garden
Once you have enough supplies to build two more tents salvage the factory.
Build a tent on the factory site with a garden
As soon as you have enough seeds to build the final tree salvage the green house and build a tent there.
Remember to keep that playgound manned all the time - it's worth an extra 2000 gold each day which pays off.

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