First Ravenhearst Final key locations

[Post New]by Gardengal1940 on Mar 12, 09 11:10 PM
I have found 6 of the 7 keys at the end of the Ravenhearst Game. Does anyone have a list of where they all are hidden? I couldn't find a key in any room on the 2nd floor.
Yikes! I've been at this for so long that my shoulders have locked in place freezing my fingers to the laptop keyboard.

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Re:First Ravenhearst Final key locations

[Post New]by 1_of_5 on Mar 13, 09 9:54 AM
Sorry it took so long. I just got here. The location of the keys, like the list of objects to find, changes each time so the game will have more replay value. You just have to keep looking until you have all 7 keys.

Good luck and welcome to the pond.

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Re:First Ravenhearst Final key locations

[Post New]by bfgCelebes on Mar 13, 09 10:08 AM
Hi Gardengal,

Just wanted to let you know that I've moved this discussion over to the official Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst forum. Please note that you can find individual forums for each one of our games by going clicking on the All Game Forums link at the top of the page. Just click on this link and it will take you to this page and you can find a forum for every game by using the search bar or by viewing the alphabetical game list.


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