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how long is it?

[Post New]by renaki on Dec 4, 13 8:13 AM
Has anyone finished the game {the SE} ?

When i finished the demo I found out
that i was almost in the middle...

I liked the game very much, the story,
the scenery, the sense of the Greek summer, the difficulty
Everything seems correct.

And I am Greek.
I really want to get the game,but if it sooooo small , I have
to give it a second thought. We are in the middle of a serious
financial crisis, after all.

Can anyone help?

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Re:how long is it?

[Post New]by tammytheo on Dec 5, 13 11:40 AM
Hi renaki,

Well, guess what... I'm Greek too! It's great meeting a compatriot here in BF forums!

Ok, about the game. I have played the CE of it and really liked it. Both main and bonus game took me approximately 4 and 1/2 hours to finish. Not too long, not too short either but quite good and since the story takes place in our country, I definitely recommend it! The following is the link to the CE forum where you can get more info about the game:

So happy I've met you here! Take care!

ET correct my wording.

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Re:how long is it?

[Post New]by renaki on Dec 6, 13 12:33 AM
Hi, tammytheo
I have nothing to correct. I am Greek living in Greece
maybe my English is worse that yours.

I am a BIGFISh member since 2007 and I have bought
more than 200 games. However, this year I decided to
be more careful on how I spend my money. A decent
game length for me is 4 hours for a SE and 1 hour more
for a CE. The bigger the better. So, no matter how much
I like a game, I do not want to spend 6,5euros just to play
one hour more that what I have already played (the demo).
Considering the fact that I never play a game twice.

I really liked this game and maybe I will put it in my list
for games to be bought as DD, possibly next year.

I was very glad to see you here, also. I tried to reply in Greek
but the system doesnot support it. I was always wondering if
there are other Greeks here. (last year I was giving baklava recipes
to American friends here) Maybe there are a lot of Greeks but they
are hiding (we do not want Stournaras to find out we are playing and put more taxes on games)

I check new releases once or twice a week. So maybe we will meet again
in another game forum.


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Re:how long is it?

[Post New]by tammytheo on Dec 6, 13 5:52 AM
Ok, I almost fell off my chair laughing with what you wrote about Stournaras and game taxes! Who knows... Maybe more Greeks are here hiding indeed!

I'm going to send you a PM so keep an eye on your messages. I hope you're ok with it.

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