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Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by Nilosh on Dec 5, 13 1:47 AM
T'was the Night before Christmas, actually two weeks before and our favorite Pachyderm group have brought us some early seasonal cheer; who doesn't love Charles Dickenson's famous Christmas Carol? A befitting tale that can melt the hearts of any tyrant, especially during the holidays. Yes, its sappy and yes cutsie, but hey, it's Christmas and today we have a chance to be kids again. A wonderful tale where we take on the role of Ebenezer Scrooges's niece and find ourselves aiding the three famous ghosts of Christmas to try and save our poor Ebenezer from himself. We have some help ofcourse and I wont spoil the surprise.

A beautifully put together HOPA game with sharp graphics, excelent sound and visuals along with special effects and animations. I love the Nutcracker Suite playing in the background along with very well acted voice-overs. You have four game modes to choose from which you can change during gameplay, an interactive map that allows you to jump and various diary notes and letters you pick up along the way.

Game mechanics include Hidden Object scenes that are standard list of items with some interaction. Adventure gameplay that has you running back and forth and there are clever little mini-games that are well conceptualized and entertaining to solve.

Although not as intricate or challenging as our last year's game, The Nut-cracker Suite, Christmas Carol will be fun for kids of all ages. There are morphing objects that you need to look out for and collect as well as a list of achievements.
A delightful game with beautiful visuals but lacking in challenge which is why I gave it four stars. As I said, The Nutcracker still remains a favorite of mine but as I am a fan of the tale of Scrooge, I do look forward to help our three Christmas Ghosts with their lofty task.

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Re:Reviews for Chrisrmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by sassylassie on Dec 5, 13 2:07 AM
Merry Christmas to all of you too at Elephant! Wow! Do you guys sleep? First MCF (which was down right awesome by the way), and now this title, which I was so happy to see. I voted the last one for game of the year. Now we get to see about Scrooge and the 3 ghosts. I still have Fred and his companions wallpaper from last year The star rating system only goes to 5, but this is definitely a 10 star game.

Story: Well it goes without saying that we have to help our uncle (even though he is a stingy old goat). Along with Jacob, the 3 ghosts are going to be giving us a helping hand to make Scrooge change the error of his ways. (To me this old geezer could of learned how to be generous from my hubby's bosses).

Graphics: Simply gorgeous. Bright, colorful and cheery. Just stop the game to take in the view.

Music: Just simply beautiful as they start of the rendition of Greensleeves.

Mini Games: Not too hard or easy. Right up my alley.

Hint System: Works in and out of H0GS. So no need to worry about getting stuck.

Map: Fast travel. Saves on the leg work.

My advice to Elephant. Please just plop some cots in the studio, and if you like I could send some light roast coffee to you guys.

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Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by lauriedoss on Dec 5, 13 5:19 AM
Beautiful game, really enjoying it. HO are a little hard to find, either hidden behind other things or in a spot with little light/dark definition. One warning for those who tend to motion sickness....turn your head when the scenes start swirling around. It's quick but it set my vertigo off big time!


Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Dec 5, 13 5:55 AM
Penguins, And Humour Too!



Be honest. Every one of you who played A Nutcracker Story is buying this game, sight unseen if necessary. I certainly am. 20 of my favourite reviewers could tell me it’s rubbish and I’d still have to own it – even if just for the wallpapers! Which are cool, btw, and some of the concept art is interesting too.


Beautifully crafted in loving detail, the best effort from some of the best game artists around. The images glow, and I swear, even before I got past the intro cutscenes I was feeling a little less “bah humbug” than I usually am by nature *cheeky wink*. The colourful and festive locations in the pristine beauty of a white Christmas I can only imagine (Australia, remember) just make me instantly more mellow. The cut scenes are the usual gorgeous, the animations sometimes even spectacular.

The music is stunning. I don’t know if it’s adapted classical like the last Christmas Stories, but it is delicate and fine and reminds me of an very expensive music box, complete with dancing figure. The voiceovers are fun.

And that is probably, with all this splendour, the finest feature of all – humour! The ghosts are funny!


Your evil and miserly uncle seems to be having an existential moment, perhaps wondering who’ll be at his funeral, and writes to you for help. He’s asleep when you arrive, but the good Scrooge ghost is there to let you know you can save your uncle, if you save him from the bad choices he has made in his life. He then becomes your “cute offsider” for this game. A little later, you’ll meet bad Scrooge, and the dialogue between them is very amusing and I am really looking forward to more.

to be cont'd


Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Dec 5, 13 5:57 AM
Penguins, And Humour Too!



Few HOPs so far, interactive list, bright colourful and imaginative. Imaginative puzzles as well. More of them, but not hard. There is an interactive jump map, which is very helpful and a hint that shows you the correct location and you can jump to it from there. There is also a journal, and of course, the Strategy Guide. It is all balanced nicely for an easy-ish game, but with 4 difficulty modes, there’s certainly plenty to make it harder. I’m of the “no strain, no pain” philosophy, forget that “no strain, no gain” mob, why aren’t they off playing something really hard – like maybe... Flight Simulator? *sorry, I’m a jolly mood tonight*.


For these details, the game page says it all:

Help Sherlock Cat find Santa Cat in the bonus game! Oh how I loved the cats in the first game of the series!
Fun achievements (including one at least that is going to tickle your fancy),penguin collectibles (34), all different to look at
Get soundtracks (5), wallpapers (12), screensavers, (2) concept art (12)
Use the available Strategy Guide


You couldn’t pay me to ignore this game!

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Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by manysaying on Dec 5, 13 7:15 AM
I just finished replaying the Nutcracker for the third time, (no never will tire of that game) and just knew there had to be a new game coming out soon. Yay as just the facts says I will buy sight unseen now. Thanks Dev's.

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Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by Robsim on Dec 5, 13 7:43 AM
Although not a review, I thought (oops) this was the upcoming release of the Christmas 'goodie' that our waskily-wabbit developers has coming out (my daughter and I beta-tested over the summer months - it's just beautiful). Nonetheless, I'm still playing the recent Elephant/Mystery Case Files CE release (taking my sweet-bippy time on that one), and will definitely will be doing the demo on this. Aaaah, so far it's been a gaming holiday 'merry, merry'!!

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Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by bfgDeveron on Dec 5, 13 8:52 AM
'Tis that time again!

What do you think of Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol Collector's Edition? We’d love to hear all about it! You can share your review here in the reviews thread, and on our website as well. Just pop over to the Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol Collector's Edition page HERE.

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Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by bfgDeveron on Dec 5, 13 8:58 AM
I also wanted to add that this thread has been reserved for reviews only.

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Thank you!


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Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by Lazeedragon on Dec 5, 13 11:28 AM
is this where we r supposed to put our reviews now?an because i looked on the page and noticed there was not any reviews or stars...
i got to check this game out in sneak peak and put in remarks was hoping it was a CE
i only was able to play 24 min of demo tho so here it goes
beautiful graphics
vo's as far as i could tell were perfect for the characters
game play was very nice interface worked very well
storyline is a classic with a twist and that is the player
wonderful hint system if you get stuck or are just lazy

demo was way too short as i stated above only 24 min or just so far in the game....
not sure of the rest since it was not a full hour.

-personal thoughts-
this game shows alot of promise! i really liked the 1st ghost which is all you get in the demo.

i give it a 4 star rating!

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Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by MsNetty61 on Dec 5, 13 11:40 AM
Just finished the demo.....after MCF carnival I was expecting something a little more whizz bang
This feels a little slow and ploddy
Although it was a year ago and I haven't played it since, I felt the Nutcracker had more about it than this latest offering
Having said all of that.......or course I'm gonna buy it!!!! It's the Elephant!!!!!

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Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by daisyduck352 on Dec 5, 13 1:32 PM
What a wonderful Christmas game. I fell in love with it right away. Elephant has the best games and enjoy playing all of them. Loved last years Christmas game too. Graphics are great, music puts you in the Christmas mood and I have always enjoyed the Christmas Carol with Scrooge. Hints reload fast, has a great map, HOG's and puzzles.. Give this one a 5 out of 5 stars..

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Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by dancemom1 on Dec 5, 13 1:44 PM
Been waiting for our Christmas game and here it is. I never tire of A Christmas Carol...maybe because it's only on once a year and not every other week like most all cable movies. This is the typical Elephant game...nice graphics (a little fuzzy here and there), very nice game play. I'm not big on music, but there sure wasn't much in this one, I didn't even have to turn it down. Not much in the way of sound FX either, but I just played the demo, so hopefully it gets better as the game goes on.

Voice overs are very good, but not very many. This seems to be a very quiet game, which is unusual for Elephant. There is a lot of running back and forth, so you use the jump map a lot. It is well set up, except that the locations are not identified by anything other than a picture. When will they learn that it would be most helpful to NOT have to memorize what a room looks like in order to know where to go in the map?? Very annoying. Locking inventory bar is a plus.

I really like the helpful "floating" Scrooge rather than another animal. SG is the usual and customary, although the pictures seem a little small when blown up. Hint system is helpful and fills at the same rate and all other games. You have to find 34 morphing penguins and there are collectibles, but I'm not sure what they are. I didn't hit any during the demo. HOGS are straight forward and simple. The puzzles are quite simple.

This is not a particularly challenging game, but I do like the story (even though I know how it ends). I am going to buy this one just because I want it and for no other reason. It is a nice game and I think you will enjoy it.

As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may not care for this one at all. Thanks for the reviews.


Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by NancySusan on Dec 5, 13 2:09 PM
I'm sorry to say I didn't like this game at all, and I'm sure I'll be in the minority, because it's well drawn, and a nice Xmas game. However, if you've actually read or even seen any of the Christmas Carol movies (I've seen all the ones made, as far as I know, and read the original Dickens' story), this has nothing to do with Dickens' Scrooge. This Scrooge doesn't live in London, lives in some kind of fairly nice house in a "town," and the house has, of all things, Christmas decorations all over the grounds and inside it -- even though Scrooge famously refused to celebrate Christmas in any way. No one speaks with an English accent, and the story, up to the point I gave up on it around the 32 minute mark, has airmail envelopes, telephones, a toy truck, a grate in the wall (for heat? from where? -- boilers?) all prompting me to ask aloud, "when is this [story] set?" Paintings were bizarrely described as photos by the niece. The niece is made-up, since Scrooge only has a nephew. Anyway, I just found my tolerance lessening by the moment for a game which made over a really complex story to what was beginning to look like a really saccharine game. I did like finding a penguin, though. That was fun. But the story was really awful, from my perspective, and the game play was pretty standard. I left when the Belle story became a who did Scrooge wrong. Just too much for me. Sorry, and while I'm sure others will have a lot of fun with this, it's not for me.

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Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by sunnyglow on Dec 5, 13 2:15 PM
Tra la la la la! Our computers are being decked with great games this holiday season! What a beautiful Christmas present from the Pachyderm. Another 5 star plus game from this dev. You guys must have Santa's elves working with you to create so many wonderful games lately. This game has all the delights of Christmas - sugar plums, visions of Christmases past, beautiful music, and has really gotten me into the Yule spirit. And..a merry Christmas or happy Yule to all of you at the Pachyderm. I absolutely love this game. I disagree with some of the site - I think this game is better than last year's offering. It is a variation of the Dickens classic so the story is slightly different which makes it interesting The background music contains various Christmas songs and themes from the "Nutcracker" ballet . The graphics are gorgeous. The HOG scenes are interactive and not much different from what we usually experience. I have not experienced any puzzles as yet, so I cannot comment on them. You choose from 4 levels of play from easy to hard core. Again, I would love to see this dev allow us to create our own mode of play as some other devs have done. There is a "good conscience angel" who helps you retrieve items. Boy, could I use that "good conscience angel!" You also collect penguins - so cute. I believe that the locket which Scrooge wears has an actual photo of the real Charles Dickens. If not, it certainly looks like him from old photos I have seen. Needing to send out Christmas cards, I am now in the mood to finish the "ugly" Grumpy Cat Christmas sweaters for my cat and me. This game actually gave me an idea of having Grumpy Cat with a label of "Ebeneezer or Scrooge" on his hat and "Christmas - Bah Humbug" for the saying. Thanks for the idea, devs. This will make for a great photo moment for those cards! I am definitely purchasing this game and saving it for the holidays. Being busy right now I really don't have time to finish it, but with eggnog and iced sugar cookies this should be a fun game around the holidays! Yeah! Can't wait!

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Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by dippydebby on Dec 5, 13 2:51 PM
I hate to admit it, but I agree with you NancySusan. I had high hopes for this game, because I love the original Christmas Carol, be it book or film, but could not help wondering what the heck was going off, with a nursery, bakers shop, and salt grinders!!!! What is that all about in a story about Scrooge? I purchased the game, because I got caught up in the good reviews and also, because I thought it would outshine The Nutcracker, but so far, I am not feeling that it will. I really hate being negative about these sort of games, because I appreciate how much work has gone into making them, and the artwork is fantastic, but the storyline has gone off on a tangent. Obviously, I will continue with this game, because I have bought it, but it will only be when I havent got anything better to do. Sorry

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Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by Hespera on Dec 5, 13 3:26 PM
Based on the demo...

For starters, I purchased and was pleased with last year's 'Christmas Stories' offering; however, I'm glad I didn't plunge into the immediate purchase of this one just because it's a seasonal game by the same developer.

The game's storyline is so thin and underdeveloped (especially compared to last year) and I truly don't understand why. This novel is so rich and it affords so many opportunities to make it unique with every telling. And I was further put out by referencing last year's 'Nutcracker' in puzzles within this game. It seems as though there were leftovers to be used, not to mention the carnel "no-no" of mixing two different tales.

The game has the usual [endless, needless] running back and forth, to and fro, that has become the trademark of this developer, but without the inspiration that served in the previous offering. And again, the achievements are 'Elephant' standards and totally lacklustre.

So, having said all this, it's a no go for me. I'll enjoy replaying last year's offering, as I'm not desperate for a seasonal game. But I encourage everyone to demo and make decisions based on personal likes and dislikes. Merry Christmas to all!

PS- I've removed my "Fan" issue, allowing as there may be variances in the name of Scrooge's sister throughout time, publishers and countries. I really should have thought of that possibility prior to saying anything.

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Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by sea_maid on Dec 5, 13 4:25 PM
I played the demo. Well, at least until it bored me...

I have to agree with the poster above. The Dickens novel isn't one of the longest, which made it perfect for a casual game. But..where to start?

The game looks perfect. Can't fault it for its sharpness or color, they got the right mix there. But the game itself dragged on so much...I certainly didn't felt like the tasks were a chore with the "Nutcracker" game. Here they felt like that, and if during the first half hour the story barely progressed, there is something wrong. Something that really got on my nerves...they reused the majority of the Nutcracker music. Couldn't they have made some new music for it? Even New Age would have been better than recycling the music from the previous game.

Overall, out of five stars, I would give it three, and that is mostly for the graphics, and the story. It loses one star because of the reuse of the music from the Nutcracker theme, and another for not propelling the story forward as it should be.

So, recommended? I would say, yes, with reservations.

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Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by steve_san on Dec 5, 13 5:07 PM


Probably no one will read this after all the "gushing" reviews in the beginning of this thread (I hate gushing reviews, and no way do I buy anything "sight unseen").

This game is a dud. For all the nice artwork, the game play is a snooze fest. Get an object, use an object. Mini games terribly easy too.

A pity. Dickens' A Christmas Carol is a good story, a classic. This game's version however - definitely NOT a classic.

The developers seemed to try to make the story appealing to all ages, i.e. children. No problem, but instead what we have is a childishly easy game. If this is the future of games on BF, then I will soon cancel my membership.

Someone mentioned the sister named "Fan." I have not read the novel, but in the 1951 movie, that was the sister's name, short for Fannie I suppose. As in the haunting phrase from the film, "Forgive me, Fan, forgive me...."

Can't recommend this one unless you like to waste money.

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Re:Reviews for Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol CE

[Post New]by ogrprincs on Dec 5, 13 6:25 PM
I did enjoy this game, but I felt the one from last year was slightly better. I will wait for a sale to buy, as I have 17 CE's to still play.
Game play is a little slow and it took the full hour to play the demo.

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