Kitchen missing Professor piece after cut scene

[Post New]by sflaschka on Dec 8, 13 10:53 AM
After the cut scene from making the coffee for the nurse, there is supposed to be the nurse asleep at the table, and the Professor game piece on the floor, but neither is there. I can click for the HOP on the refrigerator, but I can't complete the chapter without that piece. The map shows there is nothing to do in any room. I tried using hint in every room, and there is nothing. I just restarted the game from the beginning just to make sure, but once again, the room doesn't look like it does in the strategy guide after the cut scene.

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Re:Kitchen missing Professor piece after cut scene

[Post New]by OnBreak on Dec 13, 13 4:01 PM
did you put the sleeping pills in the coffee? after I did the nurse just appeared in the kitchen to drink the coffee and the game piece on the floor

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