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[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Dec 9, 13 2:10 AM
All Is Certainly Not Clear



The intro was okay, no more. Once again we are seeing a low budget stand-alone standard edition game where you cannot expect to see all the fancy stuff. This game deserves a chance, because it is well made and intriguing.


While not quite what I call “20th Century Dumpster”, the locations are abandoned, rusty, dirty and dark. Everything. The graphics are good, nicely crisp and clear. The HOs are easier to see than a lot of fancier games. No voiceovers, but the music is pleasant and the ambient sounds are creepy ‘night in the forest’ sounds creating an eerie atmosphere . Which is further enhanced by the total lack of people or animals to interact with. This is one game where you really feel alone.

WARNING: If you don’t like graphic depictions of the uglier side of life, perhaps you should just skip this one altogether, while those who do like it can expect some ugly stuff but nothing in the league of “Escape From Ravenhearst”.


That is still very much a mystery even an hour into the game. Someone is out to get you, and after the accident they caused, you wake up and your daughter is gone. In a strange abandoned house, you try to put the pieces together and sort out the connections between you and this place. Someone wanted you here, but who? And why?


Plenty of HOPs in this one, but not so many as to become boring, I think, and are only visited once, so far anyway. The puzzles I remember are easy, and with only 2 levels of difficulty, this game may also not be of interest to expert players either. It has a map which shows roughly 40 locations, tells you where you are and where there are immediate actions to take, but it is not a jump map. There is a directional hint. Which I used way too much.

There's a neat little magic box you get to keep near the inventory bar that produces needed items. To get them you must first find an object that fits in one of the dioramas. It flashes when you have something to use there.


The game’s adventure aspect is tough, and having to use the hint feature to get around is not my idea of a good time, so it seems this one may not for me. But it is much better quality than most stand-alone SE’s, and is a break from all the ‘sweet’ games for those who feel they need it!

I Recommend This Game!

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Re:Reviews for The Fog

[Post New]by sassylassie on Dec 9, 13 3:04 AM
I was waiting for a while for this one. This team did a superior job in this game. I played the beta version of it and hated when it ended. In fact I thought this game would be a CE, not SE. It definitely had the makings for one. And this is another team who can make awesome CE's.

Story: After mom and daughter get into a car wreck after some jerk puts spikes down on the road, she comes to and finds her daughter is missing. She ends up at this house and finds that a military family used to live there and learns about the project the father was on called The Fog. Mom wants to learn more about this project and the military family. As you finally open the car doors up at the top of the stairs near the house you walk through what seems like a whole new world. And you see the damage The Fog is doing and the world split. And there your journey begins.

Graphics: Beautifully done and very very creepy. Made my skin crawl quite a bit. Almost like I was ready to jump out of my seat a few times.

Music: This team always had the perfect music for their games. They have an excellent music coordinator.

Hint System: Works in and out of the H0G scenes.

Mini Games: Not too hard or easy for me. Just right.

Map: Tried it. It's not a jump map, but it does have the yellow exclamation points to tell you where something needs to be done, where you are, and question marks of places you haven't been to yet.

I am totally looking forward to the rest of the game. I totally recommend it as well.

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Re:Reviews for The Fog

[Post New]by nomatt on Dec 9, 13 4:32 AM
I get these games for my wife, I usually play a little just to see and she tells me which ones she wants after the hour. Not this one. I played the full hour then bought it. It does seem maybe a little dated, no achievements, no cuddly furry friend, no morphing objects, fantastic, just lots of excellent game. A little spooky be extremely well done, I wish all games were more like this.

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Re:Reviews for The Fog

[Post New]by edmee1947 on Dec 9, 13 5:31 AM
very well done,inventive,intelligent puzzles,music is just present enough to maintain suspense,graphics are ok if not the best and at least no cuties cuties with childish clothes and all that kind of things,and not ether pounds and pounds of syrup!there is now a long time the daily game has not be so good,with plenty to do!good hint system as well!and in easy mode it tooked me 4h30 and i skipped 2 puzzles!it is enough to be a good solid game!worth the price!i recommend this one!

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Re:Reviews for The Fog

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Oooops! It looks like two review threads were started this morning. Since the other one was started just a bit before this one, that's the one that has been stickied. I've also linked it below so it's easy to find (just click on the blue text):

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