Play with "new player" crashes

[Post New]by jusliloleme on Dec 10, 13 1:58 PM
So I played as Guest until I realized that I didn't get the rope when "freeing" the 3rd patient. So I was stuck since I had no rope to fix the bridge. So I figured, what-the-hey, I'd start over as Guest2. Only once I selected Advanced, the brain bucket came up while loading and then, poof, I'm back to the BF game manager. So what's going on here? Is the game not quite as QA'd as it should have been and is there a fix coming anytime soon?


Re:Play with "new player" crashes

[Post New]by jusliloleme on Dec 12, 13 10:50 AM
So very happy that nobody can come up with a solution or a fix to this problem.

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Re:Play with "new player" crashes

[Post New]by orphaned on Dec 12, 13 12:47 PM
sorry you were left high and dry!! a bad place for a fishie!!

welcome to the forum regardless!! but not a great start however!!

first - this should be in the technical thread as get things addressed more quickly in there. also you may see an answer in there already which could possibly help!!

plus the tech support team is terrific!

so, in meantime see what is in there that could be of assistance.

as I had no problems with this game am always saddened when people like yourself are not enjoying it, for whatever reason !!

the best thing can suggest now is to restart your computer as it sounds like something odd happening and may just need a chance to reconfigure itself - a kick in the pants, so to speak.

when you go back in to play, put in your proper username - trust me on this!!

happier gaming and hope this helps. don't forget to read the tech thread !!

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