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[Post New]by ffachet on Mar 13, 09 3:53 PM
I completed the Rome game in this puzzle. There are two other games than can be played as well: Egypt and Mesoamerica, but I don't think I will try those games because of the considerations below:

This is not a true hidden objects game. There are several puzzle types to work through before you actually get to each hidden object puzzzle: spot the differences, jig saw puzzles, trivia questions. It appears to be about a two for one ratio of non-HO puzzles: you seem to need to solve at least two each of the non-HO puzzles before the HO puzzle comes up.

In and of themeselves the puzzles are okay. The jigsaw is made unnecessarily difficult by virtue of the fact they do not display the completed scene to give you some guidance for completion.

There was at least one erroneous trivia factoid. In the Rome game: in real history Nero did not fiddle while Rome burned; that's Hollywood. This may be a picky comment but the game does come with the History Channel logo.

Overall the graphics were mediocre. The visal presentation was not sharp or detailed enough. This could be seen as a way to add diffiuclty to the puzzles, but if you have less than perfect eyesight, e.g., you are wearing bifocals, this is not the game for you.

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[Post New]by joelchrist on Aug 4, 09 5:05 AM
Me too finished playing this game. Not that much good but its ok.

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[Post New]by JKPHEP on Apr 21, 10 4:37 PM
I don't have anything nice to say about it. So mama said to say nothing.

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[Post New]by Snipis on May 16, 10 2:02 AM
I didn't like it either because it wasn't a true HOG. I did the meso america level.

I had to do two jigsaw type puzzles and two spot the difference puzzles to get to the HOG and the graphics were not very good, then a trivia question.

Everything too small. Pictures to bland to easily spot the differences. JIgsaw too small of pieces and sometimes no clue what you were putting together. Objects too small and fuzzy in the Hog. It was very disapointing after slogging thru the other puzzles. I couldn't tell if I got the trivia questions right or wrong, there was no indicator that I could spot. I guess because it went to the next puzzle I got them right?

I got thru it okay with time left over and didn't have to always use all the hints but I sure didn't enjoy doing it.

I did enjoy reading the info but after hearing the rome one had misinformation I am leary about that now.

Very disappointing and not even worth the DD price.

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[Post New]by poopysue on May 16, 10 2:22 AM
I can't even get it to open. No biggie, after reading your reviews, I probably would'nt have liked it anyway!

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[Post New]by Lauralei on May 16, 10 4:37 AM
Actually, I'm enjoying the game a lot and like the variety of games. BUT, the ****'s are difficult to find within the time limit and I feel rushed in the spot the differences sections, too. So, I need the hints and cross my fingers that I'm using them wisely. You get 5 in a certain section of games and no refreshing. You get 5 more as you move on. I'd buy the game in a heartbeat if I had a walkthrough to fall back on but I couldn't find one. You need a certain number of points to move on. That means pressure throughout the game not to run out of hints and hit a dead end. That I'm moving along so well in the game seems to indicate a certain generosity of standards but I'm iffy.

Drat, I really like this game, being immersed in ancient artifacts but timers are killing the fun. I'm going to restart a game to see if **** change location so if worse came to worse, I could start over if they stay the same.

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[Post New]by kpsbox on May 16, 10 7:21 AM
I read the reviews and thought, it can't be all that bad, I'll give it a try. I played this one for 15 minutes before I deleted it. Usually I'll play the full 60 minute trial since (what the heck) it's free. Not this one. It wasn't worth my time.
I found the timer to be a frustration.
The graphics seem very fuzzy to me. I played through several "Find the Difference" puzzles and mostly couldn't find the differences through the fuzzy picture. I do wear bifocals so perhaps that added an extra challenge.
I did one jigsaw puzzle, it was kind of fun and kept me going on to the next puzzle which was finally.... Hidden Object. I found one fuzzy object quite by chance then backed out of the game and hit the trashcan icon.
It's a shame because I was enjoying all the educational information.
Never before have I been so eager to delete a game.

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[Post New]by Legabriel on May 16, 10 1:45 PM
The game looks so great and I started playing it, finished the first spot the difference with no trouble, finished putting the pieces into the proper place in the second puzzel and even after having all the pieces in place it wouldn't say I was done it just kept counting down like I had more to do. I tried clicking around to see if maybe something wasn't right, but everything was in place. Sad I really liked this one, but I uninstalled it. Maybe I will try reinstalling it and see if it works then.



[Post New]by sabrina_keller on May 17, 10 11:49 PM
Agreed with everything the first poster stated.
It' is not a true HOG game at all. I would say it's more of a "Spot the Difference" game.
For the most part they made history as boring as possible.

Save yourself the money or points for another game.

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[Post New]by WolfandMoon on Jun 3, 10 8:26 PM
For this to be History Channel, I am disapointed. The Mosterquest Game is soooo much better. I was expecting a lot more from this.

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[Post New]by SMQMC on Jul 4, 10 7:50 AM
I'm new to BFG and to the forums, but I had to comment on this game. I love the History Channel and learning about our world, but this game us rather tiresome. SO many "Spot the Difference" games (4-5) before you can even get to a HOG scene which always has the same items with a few more thrown in for later. The puzzles (one after each series of spot the differences) aren't fun either because they can be difficult, but they've put them on a timer. I've had to use "HINTS" in just about all the games, which I don't normally have to do in other games. Just to be fair, I've finished almost all of this game, Mesoamerica, Rome, Egypt, but don't think I'll wind up playing it again. Sorry, it's too convoluted and not much of a HOG to me. .

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