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Challenge Level 14

[Post New]by chiniakbay on Dec 10, 13 3:20 PM
I have no idea how to do this. Someone please enlighten me.

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Re:Challenge Level 14

[Post New]by jkw999 on Dec 19, 13 10:48 AM
Here's how I did it:

Salvage the greenhouse
Use the money to make some supplies - keep making supplies
Build the right bridge
Salvage the tree
Salvage the pond
Continuously trade garden supplies for building supplies
build a villa where the tree was
send 4 workers to the gold mine
build a tent where the greenhouse was and upgrade it to 3 stars
hire people till you have 9 or 10 (can't remember which)
when you get about 6000 supplies, salvage the villa
build a tent where the villa was
build the bridge
build the rest of the tents and upgrade them

hope this works for you!


Re:Challenge Level 14

[Post New]by OrionsRose on Jun 21, 14 11:13 PM
Thank you so much!
I never thought of building a villa. I did one with 2 stars (it bumped the income up enough to be able to produce the 1200 supplies almost every time) and finally got gold just in the nick of time.
I also released the mine workers as soon as the left bridge was built so there would be enough builders for the chaos of 4 tents being built at the end. I think I had 9 guys in total.
It's a very clicky, timing-has-to-be-just-right level, but I guess a lot of them have been.

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