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Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Dec 11, 13 12:52 PM
Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Awakening Kingdoms players.

If you have questions about how to use the forums, please click the FAQ link on the right.


Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by airelav on Mar 13, 14 3:31 AM
I am Extremely disappointed: I spent money and energy on trying to complete your quest. Used every resource and more. DO NOT tell me objects are randomly generated because it is not true. Your program stopped giving me the objects needed to complete the yura festival challenge and I was unable to finish unless prepared to spend an exorbitant amount of money ( 80 crystals). This is Unfair. Considering I have had to give up playing dark manor after having bought from you "virtual" money or goods totally wasted was never even able to play the game again!!! Never opened after your alleged update !!!!! TRULY ANNOYED: FREE GAMES:



Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by BizzyBeezers on Apr 14, 14 4:59 PM
The new udate worked great on clearing up tech bugs ie; freezing up was number 1 for me!! My big problem is with the new quest in Skyfleet docks and the minimal amount of instructions on how to play the manifest part. My screen comes up with the lobster, Kachina doll and a bar of ore. Instructions say follow pictures in book to place them where they belong OK HOW?? Have tried putting object over its picture in book with the result of the picture on opposite page which shows where it belongs, falling forward and down off of screen. Then tried to place object where it belongs and Nothing! I am beating my head against the wall here and tears are rolling down my cheeks in pure frustration. I think instructions need a lot of attention. And my helper, when asked for help falls asleep and does Nothing. No working hints in here? I am not a dumb person and my favorite games are all in this genre. Please what am I missing ( besides the 80 energy every time I've tried it) or is my game still bugged up!


Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by cakelin113 on Apr 23, 14 9:16 AM
Awakening Kingdoms REALLY REALLY NEEDS TO BE UPDATED!!!.I need new quests Big Time. 4/23/2014


Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by RonCon on Apr 27, 14 6:43 AM
Game was developed to prevent play without spending USDs. There is no way the villages can be upgraded to level 5 without purchasing diamonds. I was so disappointed! Lost interest in "game."


Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by RonCon on Apr 27, 14 6:49 AM
It appears the entire game was developed to require us to spend USDs. As each quest costs more to complete, we continue to receive 1 energy every 5 minutes; we do not receive objects needed to help us obtain money, etc., in collections; and we continue to receive only 1 diamond for every level up. There is no way for us to earn diamonds yet the game ultimately requires many diamonds to succeed. Quite a manipulation. So sad. This could have been a great game.


Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by socalldimaginary on Apr 27, 14 11:45 AM
Ah yes! How dare someone spend time and energy and money creating a game then expect to earn some of that money back! What fiends they are! Don't be silly. Yes, the game is free to play if you feel like sitting around waiting 10 years for your energy to come back. Items will drop eventually, if slower. But Big Fish Games know how impatient everyone is, and make back the money they spent creating and updating the game by charging impatient people who want to speed the game up. Honestly.


Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by Fizzish on May 18, 14 5:39 AM
Have finally managed to reach level 50 and was disappointed to find no new tasks. Is there an update due soon? Starting to lose interest in what so far has been a great game.

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Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by mamacass14 on May 18, 14 1:27 PM
Fizzish wrote:Have finally managed to reach level 50 and was disappointed to find no new tasks. Is there an update due soon? Starting to lose interest in what so far has been a great game.

There is several threads on this issue. AK usually gets updates once a month or about 6 weeks if there is a blip. Most seasoned players have made personal goals to make downtime ok. Usually we use time to get collectibles for next update so we will not be so swamped.

Hope that answers your question.

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Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by jforever on Jul 2, 14 9:58 AM
I would like to know when there will be an update to fix the Stone Circle and Gnome Village issue; having the same items. I cannot advance with the Peddler achievement because of it. This is not the only issue but one of my worst.

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Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by Carmodye on Jul 3, 14 7:04 AM

1. The "connecting" page is frozen. I cannot get into the game (and have lost bundle days). I don't know about any others as I CANNOT GET INTO THE GAME!!

2. Sometimes you reach the bundle payoff day and don't get a bundle (has happened to me 3 times).

3. Key items are sparingly rewarded for play, if at all. This is too encourage spending to purchase crystals.

4. In my opinion the game is being played by BIG FISH to manipulate the prices of
auction items. Some names seem to be on the site 24 hr. a day. Yet another way to encourage purchases. This isn't day trading, it's a frigging game for Pete's sake!! Has anyone else noticed this?

5. One of the updates said it was to offer us more rewards, but following the update,
the number of crystals you purchased dropped, but not the price of purchase.

6. Glitches galore from the time I started playing this game. If you are going to issue a game involves cash purchases, FIX IT BEFORE RELEASEING IT!!! Yet again about selling, selling, selling.

7. Have the "Powers That Be", read the reviews of the customer. I too am among
those approaching boredom and have been at the annoyed stage for some weeks. You will continue to make money on this game if you keep people interested.

Your ploys to encourage spending have been noticed. Stop trying to manipulate the game and the players. Let the chips fall where they may.

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Sea Anemone
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Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by hez12 on Jul 3, 14 11:38 AM
I am also having problems after installing the latest update. My connecting page has frozen and I truly hope this will not wipe out my progress. I know my daily bundles will be lost and I was up to day 54!! I was so excited to see a new update when I signed in but have been really disappointed by this problem.


Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by donnarooty on Jul 6, 14 11:07 AM
Same problems as the rest of the posts. What REALLY irritates me is:

1. After your June 30th "upgrade", I lost 4, yes 4, of my traveler's compasses. I worked hard and spent a LOT of energy gaining them because I need 5 to complete a quest. Back to square one I guess!

2. Numerous times, in the Auction, I will sit there and wait for 15 minutes refreshing the page to try to win an auction for say one of the twelve Moon Fountain Tea Mixes, which are next to impossible to get by playing the game. I set my alarm early before church this morning and made a bid for one that even said I was the current high bidder. This was with about 10 seconds left! The game then took the coins out of my account but didn't give me the tea mix!!!! When I checked my messages, I saw that SirVival "outbid" me with about 300 more coins than I bid. How praytell does that happen when I was told I was the current high bidder? And why, IF, SurViVal then outbid me with less than 10 seconds left would he/she bid that much more than me? I think this game is rigged BIGTIME.

BZ, play fair. WE ARE! And while I'm on a rant, what about these auctions where items are going for thousands and suddenly someone will post one for 99 or 300? REALLY? WTH BZ. So you either clean up your act, or I delete this game, and never, ever again will I buy, play for free or recommend ANY of your games. AND Bigfish; if you must, charge for these games like you do your others and make the gameplay FAIR and EQUITABLE. For christ sake, as a programmer I understand glitches, but your developer's need to get out into the real world. 145 diamonds for a wounded pegacorn? I am at a point in this game where I basically can't complete the quests I have because I refuse to spend 145 or so diamonds or thousands of coins on something that gains me a whopping 200 experience and 200 coins. As we progress we should be rewarded MORE, not just given another quest that requires the same amount of an inventory item that just took us weeks or months to get. Shame on you for being so greedy!

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Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by Kecial on Jul 10, 14 9:16 PM
When I start my game I see that there is an update available and it asks me if I want to exit the game or continue. I have exited and no update shows in my game manager. I keep playing and doing this hoping that one day it will let me update. What is going on?? Someone help!


Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by JoanMorris on Jul 17, 14 7:15 AM
I am most disappointed! Two days ago I lost my game progress and was requested to start a new profile! I sent a mail but haven't had a response yet.

I started a new game yesterday and was waiting for my Town Hall to upgrade when I lost that progress and all materials again! The only thing that remains is the amount of gold I have.

What is going on and how can we get our old game progress back?


Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by pegasusjgb on Jul 18, 14 12:53 PM
I have the same issue as JoanMorris. I lost every thing. and am not back to the very beginning. I was level 54. Is there a way to get out progress back.


Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by lovemydogs2 on Jul 20, 14 8:09 AM
I am not reaching the point of boredom, but at the rate things drop that I need and the length of time it takes to get full energy again, and the amount of energy you have to use to visit the scenes is ridiculous. With some of them it takes so much energy I can only play 2 or 3 scenes and done for the day. I don't mind a challenge, but this is bordering on being a waste of time. If they don't make it easier to get items needed and recharge faster, I will stop playing. ***sigh***


Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by sukafairy on Jul 21, 14 8:24 AM
Help, I am at Level 50, and cannot complete the quest Mural Story as it will not accept part two, I have 25 mini Centaurs and only need 15 but it will not let me give them. I cannot progress from here. I also am very upset at how hard it is to earn energy and how the level require so many stars but it takes longer to reach each level. I have probably spent more on this game than all the games I have ever bought and am highly disappointed . I too am looking for updates. Some of us do spend a lot of time playing, but then some of us have lots of time to do so, I have already given up on Midnight Castle as I became bored with the slowness of it.

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Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by caroleenie1 on Jul 21, 14 8:51 PM
Hi there! this is my first communication in the forum...... have been playing awakening kingdoms for awhile (am level 54)....... is my favorite game to date.......
just have a couple of questions for you.......
l) have a new quest in skyhook faire(?) and cannot get it to open and 2) sometimes it seems like it takes me forever to level up....
any suggestions???
I adore BFG and find so much more that I enjoy over game sites and popular social media........
thanks for having game forums........
caroleenie1 (

p.s. the other "awakening" games I see, are they related to this game???


Re:Welcome to Awakening Kingdoms forum

[Post New]by Marcus2058 on Jul 27, 14 1:53 PM
Twice now I have bid for items at auction, trying to pip the previous bidder, only to find that, although I was the highest bidder at the time the auction ended, I didn't win the item. This is most annoying, and I won't be doing any "last minute bidding" again.

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