I love this Game!

[Post New]by bottis on Mar 13, 09 9:32 PM
I am relatively new to these hidden object games, but this was one of the first I played. And it is just great! Since then I have become a junky and have filled my desktop with GameFish game icons. But I still come back to this one as one of my favorites.

This got me to thinking. You know what would be really cool for BigFish to do is something similar to NetFlix, where you can rate games (like 1 to 5 stars - or fish and also maybe allow a link on each game where users could review them. I know everyone likes different things, but reviews are nice in that you can get more info on the game and they help in your buying decisions. I find the 1-hour demo and the "terse" descriptions of games not enough for me and wish I had more info before buying.

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Re:I love this Game!

[Post New]by kishimojun on Mar 13, 09 9:37 PM
Just wait a few hours after each game comes out, LOL, and c'mon back here to the forums. You get a lot more useful info than a star rating. Fishies here talk about each new game and tell you the reasons why they liked it or didn't.

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