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hunting lodge location

[Post New]by eaharo on Dec 13, 13 8:28 PM
I am in the kennel and it says to go to the hunting lodge and look in the puddle or the ruler. I seem to have all of sudden gotten stuck...can't get into the library or the gazebo, can't do anything in the kennel. Right now I fee pretty silly for having purchased he game a few minutes ago. Please tell me where the hunting lodge is

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Re:hunting lodge location

[Post New]by Kathilisa on Dec 21, 13 2:12 PM
Hi, I just started playing this game tonight

I had to use the same hint as you, and I found the hunting lodge near the kennel, you can click on the glowing gate near the woods at the back of the scene outside the kennel.
(sorry I've exited the game now so can't remember what all the locations are called )

Hope this helps

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