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Stuck in the Rose Garden

[Post New]by ryouger on Dec 14, 13 5:23 AM
As another mentioned in the Technical post above, I keep getting stuck in the Rose Garden. The quest-giver is Blessilda. The quest is Moonflower Recipe and the objectives are to find a scarlet and a yellow moonflower. I found all the hidden items and my rabbit helper says there is nothing to find. The waterfall says the magic is too strong for me and the only other "clicky" option is the stairs, which are broken. There is nothing else to click on and nowhere else to go. Am I missing something?

Only option is quitting the game, losing progress, energy & points. Any suggestions or IS this a technical issue?

EDIT: The moonflowers were "discovered" when I completed another Rose Garden quest for a different quest-giver, Quinn.

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Re:Stuck in the Rose Garden

[Post New]by madrabbit on Dec 15, 13 8:00 PM
I too am Stuck but further out there is no other quests ives done them all except upgrades to 4 of the buildings and the garden only quest left is rose garden for the princess I'm Stuck it keeps giving me items that are aparently up in the stair location but they never Told me how to fix the stairs no one is giving me quest to help fix stairs (or Bridge) in this area and all it tells me during game is broken what a quadrenduim!
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Re:Stuck in the Rose Garden

[Post New]by Acashy on Dec 16, 13 12:09 AM
Not sure if I'm thinking of the right quest, so this might not be helpful at all. But...

Try and do the scene again, and check in the upper left corner of the screen, if you have an item you can use on the waterfall (can't really describe it, other than it is obvious that it is not a part of the scene. I think it is shown in a circle).

(If not the waterfall, then there is also a pond a bit more to the right of the stairs... think it was a pearl that was needed to clear it...)

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Re:Stuck in the Rose Garden

[Post New]by cabega on Sep 16, 14 3:25 PM
This was one of the last opend hidden scenes I remember.

You get all you need after finishing the Quests before.
Someone must give you something so that you can open this area.

If I knewed how important it is to notice all of the steps in this game,
to help each other, I had it done.

But now everything is so far away to me, that I can't remember ALL the Steps, all the Quests and all the items, I've got.

Who gave it to me?
Where did I get it?
Why do I need it?
What was it?
did I found it?
Must I collect this item?

There are so many questions we could give all the answers.
If we had known that we need it to remember for others.

sorry that I can'T help you more.

but believe, I've worked on, so you can also.
I think you don't have missed something.

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